Tuesday, 31 January 2012

What have i done? lmao

Just short post about last night.
I went down to the beach (altona) to have a look at what was happening down there. It was blowing about 20 knts and wanted to see what people were using. The wasnt alot of riders out there , maybe ten or so that i could see.
It was great watching them, funny thing was that a woman riding a bike almost ran into a pole whilst watching someone jumping, oops. There was also someone taking pictures of the riders.

The thing i wanted to mention though was that when i got there with my 9 yr old daughter and we parked the car to watch from, was a bit cold.
This is what she came out with.
Daddy , there is a North another North, Cabrinha and i think that one is a naish , isn't that right dad?

what tha????

cool though!!!

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