Friday, 20 January 2012


Wow , when i say information i mean it. There is just so much onformation about kitesurfing it's not funny. Where to start?
I started looking at Seabreeze , an Aussie based community dedicated to water sports. There are a lot of good forums threads for kite-surfing, product reviews and for sales sections. Well worth the effort to join up and make yourself known.

Next, another good site Extremekites. The forums here are great, they cover everything kite related, from surfing to stunt kites. It's a great resource. Some of the info on there can be a bit old though, but forgetting that it's a great site.

Things like this section in a blog Stuff for non kiters, great stuff and helped me a lot. One of the best blogs ive seen so far is thisVirgin Kite Board Project. It deals primarily in building kite-boards. Some great stuff in there and Matt is always willing to reply to a comment you have made. It's the sort of thing that keeps my interest way up as im half decent with fiber glassing . He has a great board design program that is free and once you figure it out , WOW, it does the trick nicely. I have to say out of all the sites i have seen that one has me all eager to get out there on my own board.

 Now reading all the info out there wont make you an instant expert , but it will help you understand the theory behind it all. After all , you have to learn the road rules first , before you are allowed to learn to drive.

This one too Pete's Kitesurfing Blog , i could post these links forever , i have so many of them , but it gives an idea about the wealth of information im drawing upon , yep you guessed it "On The Road To Ride"

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