Thursday, 19 January 2012

My Perceptions

Some of the perceptions i have gotten early on from doing research about kitesurfing is that it is regarded as an elitist sport by some members of the kiter's comunity.
What do i mean by that you ask? Good question.

To be honest i dont really know. It's just perception i got early on that some of the members think that they are way and above mortal humans in their bravery and skills and attitudes.
Having said that though, once you peel the layers back a bit you find they comunity looks after it's own very well but is always wary of newcommers that think they know everything like  how they have surfed for years, this will be easy without lessons.
Just FYI i do not surf.
But if you are new like i am and take the time to listen and understand what is being said you will be accepted reasonably well through your progression into the sport.
When you look around at the prices for things you soon realise that it is not a cheap sport to get into.

Kites bought new can cost well over $2,000, when you through a board in that costs up around the $600-1000 mark and over for some, sheesh . Thats without forking out 3-4 hundred in lessons, harness etc. One could expect to hand out almost $5,000 in the end all up if not more.
I have based that view on all brand new gear.

In my nooby eyes this is a bit because it's classed as an extreme sport and the price goes up straight away and some people take advantage of that. Partly because there is a high demand and again people take advantage of supply and demand when charging for things. It's a growing sport and i have no doubt more manufacturers will come onto the scene and offer items, maybe not kites early on , but rather accessories like harnesses . The prices will then start to come down due to market pressure.

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