Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Got it up

Well this arvo i got the Hydra up WOW..
I took the hydra down to Apex park and finally got it in the air after the false start Tuesday night. I knew it would have some power but i could not have imagined how much this 3.5 mtr would almost pull me off my feet. 20kmh (oops that should be 20knts - 37kph) and wow. I tried to reverse launch it and yes i got it up and turned but there was no way i could hold the bar with one hand . I ended up getting my girls to take it further to the edge of the window and up she went.

It was a blast, no need to go to the gym the thing pulls like , well , i wont say it..
Flew it in figure 8's very gingerly i may add ( too scared to really give it a hammer across the window) kept it at the edge of the window , walked along and had a bit of a run with it just sitting there and trying to fly at times without looking. To my surprise i could feel when the kite moved in one direction or another.
Sat down and gave it a bit more stick and the thing just pulled me to my feet, was funny actually , back leg bent and front leg straight when i got up ( no poo stance). Then laid down flat on my back and gave it a bit more with a down turn this time and straight up again. The down turn was funny actually i did the first while standing earlier and geeez, how much power and how fast was it , i guess it went straight into the power zone. I sorta hesitated to do another down turn on the other side to unwrap the lines cos i knew how powerful it was going to be.

A couple of times i almost had to let the bar go and let it drop but managed to control it by fast turning back up and out of the power zone.

Landing was easy , took it to the edge of the window , sat it about 2 mtrs of the ground and my daughter held the LE at the bottom and half way up and i just let the bar go and down it flopped.

It was great and a big surprise at just how much power a kite this size has. I didn't even hammer it so i just cannot imagine what the 10's and 12's are like to control that were down the beach a bit further, or maybe i can sorta understand a bit better. :drinks:

Anyone reading this that is contemplating learning on their own, um forget it. After using this kite at 3.5 mtrs in 20kmh winds trying to do it on your own would be crazy. Those one hour trainer lessons before a real lesson with a big kite, nup.
Yeah, well, i can take it from side to side park it at each side of the window a few mtrs off the ground but in no way would say i am even remotely ready for proper lessons until i am comfortable with this thing.
This is gunna be fun .
That's all for now , If the wind is good tomorrow ill get some pictures of it in the air.

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