Monday, 6 February 2012

Started the Table

This weekend i started making my rocker table. Yes , yes i know i haven't ridden a board yet but hey, got to have something to keep the interest up don't you?

So the bill of materials is this , so far.

25mm formply cut into strips 130mm high by 1700mm x 700 mm in width
3/8' bolts ( nylocs, yuk)
3/8' all thread rod cut into 150mm long pieces for risers
25 x 25mm alloy angle 2.4 m
cross bars are  TV antennae support bars x10 cut to suit.
Self tapper screws for corner angle 15mm

Screwing the 25 x25 angle onto the sides 
  I cut the angle to length , 1700mm. I made a bit of an error when buying it i only got it in 1200 lengths. I had to join it just off center. I could have bought a 2.4 mtr single length for the two sides. I matched it up at each end and made sure it was flush with the top edge , pre drilled the screw holes and then screwed each side down. I don't think it needs to be  bullet proof as glass/carbon isn't all that heavy.

Once i had done both sides , i cut angle to go from the bottom of the top rail to the base of the board to join the corners. I think though i will put 50 x50 alloy angle in there and on the outside corners.
corner bracket

The two side rails screwed on and the boards joined together at the corners.
rails on

Next i drilled all the holes for the table support bars to go into they were just evenly spaced from the center mark. Although that is where i have made a bigger gap between those two. I bolted two on to check  how they worked and looked and then spaced out the other bars before measuring and cutting them. With the bars i cut them to the right length and then smashed the crap out of the end to flatten them and then drilled a hole in it. The other end has a pre drilled hole already.

Setting out the cross bars

Setting up the support/ rocker adjusters.
testing the adjustment screws
I could only find 3/8" nyloc nuts , no matter where i looked there were damn nylocs , damn Bunnings. I had the uprights cut to 150mm. I was going to go for 100mm but changed my mind for some reason. I screwd a nyloc on the bottom of each thread pushed it through the hole and screwed down another nut to the rail to firmly hold it in place.

Then i screwed another nut on by geez, damn nyloc's again , hard thing to do . Also with this being the nut to be able to adjust the height of the rocker they needed to be free screwing. What i did was get my gas torch and burn out the nylon ring. When the torch ran out (ooo bugger) i fired up the BBQ and put the nuts on the burner and yes , well done nylocs, but now only with the locs bit left.
They screw up and down nicely now and is really easy to adjust the height of the cross bars.

So right now i have most of the cross bars on. I ran out of bolts and thread.

Right now i haven't thought of what to use for the table top yet. I want it thin enough to put the concave bar in and for it to be able to change the shape without to much force but not have it too thin that it will have waves in it between the bars when the rocker is put in.

I will update this post when i get more work done on it..

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