Thursday, 19 January 2012

What Ive decided on

Like i said earlier, i have had some experience with a trainer kite. I was actually going to get into the sport about 12 to 18 months ago but for some reason just lost interest or thought the expense was too much.

The trainer i had was an ebay special, $60 @ about 1 mtr in size. I flew it into the ground  ( literally sometimes) and in the end the stitching gave way because i just hammered it constantly. I even tried to super glue the seams to keep it going.
Basically it was a cheapy. Taught me a few things but wasnt really made to last. It had a little bit of power when the wind got up, so it gave me an idea of what power may lay in waiting. I also muck about a bit with a stunt kite.

Was very much like this.
 So what is different now and what type of kite ( trainer ) have i settled on.
Well im not sure what has made me want to learn again i just do. I have decided to and have purchased an HQ Hydra 3.5 mtr kite. The Hydra is a big step partly because of the price ( around $350) and because of the size.

Hydra 350
The Hydra 350 is water re launchable , as is the hydra 3 mtr. Ive gone up to a larger kite because of the fact that i have played with kites before , i do know a little about the wind window and thought i was at the point where i needed to up the learning curve a bit..
It's ordered , now i am just waiting for it to hit my door. The kids are happy as larry about it and my wife looks at me like, "yeah you're nuts". Having said that though she is fully supportive of me and eventually the kids learning to do this, so thats a good thing.

Also here is a promotional video of the Hydra, sorta gives you the idea of what I'm looking at.
I dont think i will be trying the dragging  at first but later on it will be an option to get the feel of what to do whilst still being reasonably safe

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