Thursday, 26 January 2012

Up In The Air

We got the kite out for another fly down at the park. The big kites were out along the beach have a run in the around 20knt winds.

We got a little bit more adventurous this time. I decided to wear some gloves so i could hold the bar a bit better and boots and be more confidant with my footing, the ground is a bit rough at the park.

Launching was a heap easier, but we still put it up near the edge of the wind window
Here it is just sitting nicely about 5 mtrs above the ground

. It's really stable and has heaps of power, maybe a bit too much as when i get it in the power zone straight down wind it rips at you. I ebnded up on my face almost once. At least i let go of the bar when i was about to drop ( maybe a bit late) . It floated to the ground and once i dusted off it relaunched easily.

Here is me just having a quiet relax.

Nah i was actually practising pulling myself up. I am around 90kilos and it did it easily in 20 knts.

Here is a video of mt doing that and of my youngest holding on too, she got lifted a couple of times slightly and i was holding on fairly tightly.

She is loving it and you can see how easily it picked me up from flat on the ground.

Thats all for now, cheers

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