Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Decision

So what has made me come to the decision to do this?
It looks like fun. I is also something i can get my kids into that they may enjoy to spend some great times at the waters edge with them..

Ok, so where do you start.
I guess go and buy the stuff and do it? WRONG!
First off i have gone to as many web sites about kite surfing as i can find, reading as many articles about it as possible to try and understand what the hell everyone is talking about, especially the technical terms. You soon realise that there is allot more to doing this than just putting a big kite in the air and going for a bit of fun.
This sport is can be DANGEROUS ,people get seriously hurt and have been killed whilst doing this if they have not learnt properly. Almost 99 percent of people will tell you to get a trainer kite and learn about the wind window .
I am not about to hurt myself seriously while doing something that should be fun , just for the sake of saving a bit of time or money.

At this point in time i have my trainer on order and should (hopefully) be in my hands within a week. I have had a small two line foil kite before so i sorta got the idea of what i need to learn. Plus with asking questions on forums about what i should learn to do there is a wealth of info out there to use.

Many of the people on the forums are keen to help out if you need it. I definitely will use some of that offered help at some stage.
Here is a video of some rather ouchy accidents whilst people have been kiting, not something i want to experience

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