Tuesday, 24 January 2012

It Arrived

Well today my journey started. I got my Hydra from the post office and it was waiting for me when i got home. The kids were rapt especially the younger one. I think she is more excited than me about it all.
A brand spanker, straight out of the packet and of course i had to open it up to have a look..

I was actually surprised with the size, lol , and this is a small version of the real thing.

So i packed it back up. Why is it they don't go back in the way they come out.

Off i went to Apex park in Altona. I wasn't sure the wind would be strong enough but had to have a go at it anyway. When i got there one kite was only just up along the beach and two others waiting for more wind. I went to the west end (in the park) and unwrapped, laid out the lines , did the walk down the lines thing and tried to fill it will air, but bugger me , not enough wind. tried for about 10 minutes hoping the wind would pick up but to no avail.

But it gave me a chance to have a good look at the kite and lines etc. It looks really well made , nothing feels cheap, the bar was comfy and the 3rd line wrist strap was surprisingly comfortable to wear. Packed up and went to the beach instead with my daughter. At least i got to practice setting up and packing up again .

Had an interesting talk to a kiter packing up though. It was hard for me not to have a slight chuckle and he was a really nice bloke, however it made me remember on one of the forums how people get stereo typed from where they come from and how they learned to kite....

Hopefully ill get some wind soon.

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