Monday, 20 February 2012

Table Top - no not dancing

This week i had all the best plans in the world.

I had my resin and matting all ready and i was hoping to be able to find a decent top to put on the table.  But as all things, the best laid plans and all that, yeah right.
I couldn't get the time to find a decent top for the table. I do have a glass sheet from and only coffee table but it wasn't long enough to make a sheet the length i wanted to.

I went to spotlight and found some PVC table cover .02 mm i think , 3m long and 1.2 wide for $17, ok i guess. They also had some cool cotton but it was either get the pvc or the cotton with pretty pictures on it. Because i didn't have the table top yet i decided on the pvc.

Right now funds are a bit tight, more so due to the reasons of buying bigger things so Ive been doing this on a shoe string budget.

A few years back i was flying remote control planes, id made a few SPAD aircraft with coreflute plastic sheet nothing sticks to it unless you flame it and score the surface then use CA glue or contact cement. So id been looking at this for the table top but there seemed to be none around locally, (within 5 kms). A product called Ampelite was an option. It's basically a very up market coreflute but for over $100 per sheet, um nup.

Id looked at bunnings i reckon 5 times in the last two weeks for it and today i found some. I have to thank my gorgeous wife for coming with me and helping (we were also looking at swimming pools). They had alot of 3mm sheet, but it is way to flimsy. But they did also have 5mm sheet but it was short and would need to be joined in the middle. But the perfect width and when joined the perfect length. For $7.50 each , all good.

The join you can see is contact sheet, hmm , not sure that will hold all that well but i guess we will see. I may lay the pvc sheet over it and lay up the glass on that.

Two sheets as bought, no cuts, just needed to be joined. If it works i will get a big sheet and maybe lay over the top.

Now i know this is still a bit flimsy, but it will be ok for the test, it has lines length ways along it so it will be interesting to see the pattern that comes from it. Thing is that if im to make a concave bar in the center underneath it will need to be thin, who knows , it may work.

Other thing i did this week was put the legs on. I have an old trampoline that ripped a while back , i saved all the pipe frame. I used some of this to make the legs.

So that worked well. I cut down the legs and drilled a hole for them to click into the supports. All the mounting brackets are from the old trampoline too, so i didn't have to spend anything on this bit.

So what does that leave now?
Well next week i will have the cotton to use as a colour layer and i should be able to make a test sheet. Hopefully it will be good enough to keep it as a top sheet.

That's all for now.

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