Thursday, 9 February 2012

This Weekend

Well, wouldnt you know it, just when you think things are going well, they turn out crappy. I was planning on doing a dry run with the new table and vacuum pump this weekend but, i have been let down by a freind that said they had the vac advance i needed (so i didnt look for one) and the vac gauge in needed ( didnt look again).
Well guess what, today i was told that he doesn't have them, WHAT THA ??!!!!!!

I was expecting , peeel ply , vac bag, connectors, hose, tape and all the other things (consumables) needed to vac bag something and well, that didnt happen either.

So im back to finishing off the table only.
But thats the way things go i guess.

I did get onto the graphics company to find out the resolution they required for the graphics (300dpi) so that was one good thing. Plus i will work on the graphics this weekend for it. I have a few ideas in mind so i should be bale to come up with something.

For example.
I know i cant laminate a clear sheet on a wooden core due to not being able to have a sublimated PBT sheet on it. So i figure i will make a fake wooden core. I will make a seamless bamboo texture as a base , then overlay other graphics on top of that.
So when it's looked at it will look like a wooden cored board. For the seamless texture i will be using Genetica , it's a really good program, and of course the old photoshop cs5. Although gimp would be just as good.
Ive been working on ideas fr it for a few nights but havent really got into the nitty gritty of making a good looking quality texture.
One idea is a texture burning back from the corner edges of the board to reveal the wood core texture with some charing.

Anyway, things will happen but  not what i expected.


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