Sunday, 27 January 2013

board again - almost buggered it up

Well i kept going with it and got the top sheet on, it went ok.
So i wanted to get the bottom done and get the board going cos i don't have one yet and want to get out practising.

So i put down the first sheet of glass and mixed up the resin. problem there was that i was going to use two lot of resin but when i measured it out i forgot all about this and put in double the amount of hardener in the single mix,,, OOOPS :wall:

So i had to get it spread and the glass down before it went off, in that 37 deg day, yes yes i know :dontknow: .

It clumped up and i knew it would turn out a bit bad but went for it anyway.

Zoom in (real dimensions: 1023 x 766)Image

It has a few voids in it as you can see but they are between the bottom ( outside layer) and the board. The outside is smooth with no dry spots.

So i kept going with it, ill probably wreck it anyway :good: I shaped it using a power plane then finished off the rail curves with the hand sander you can see in the picture. I'm just going to give the rails a hot coat and then that's all done.
Just need fins and straps now, i saw a cheap board but it was bought the day before so i have to wait to get the straps at least. Ill make some fins from aluminum.

I went out looking for wetsuit booties as i lost one of my el cheapo ones last lesson. Can you believe anaconda ones are $59, you gotta be kiddin me.
I went onto wetsuit wharehouse and got some for 29 with free shipping, at least something worked out ok.

Im spewing i missed out on that el cheapo board.

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