Friday, 22 February 2013

At last DONE!!!

Well i finally finished the board. It took longer more because i was being picky about the pads etc rather than it being hard, was rather easy actually.
Complete with Cab bindings. Not the best pic but its all i could get as my cam aint doin too well. I seriously could have made this board look a million dollars with a bit of extra work. But i didnt want to spend a huge amount of time on something that may fail anyway. I now know how things react and go well or bad together, that's enough. Tried a few things , patched it up and tried again.

It's 140 x 40
3 layers of glass on the bottom and two on the top with an 8mm cedar core that was reshaped in the middle of me making it, lol

I didn't measure the fins , just lined em up and drilled.
All up with the bindings , fins and handle i think it cost me about $100, actually if i think about it maybe less, i had all the glass and resin already
Bindings $40
fins $20
handle $5

There is the bottom, the spots you can see is gold fleck through the resin on the bottom.

And this one with the fins on the side

Yep , i just drilled through the board and threw stainless bolts and washers in and sealed them on the underside.Seriously, there was nothing hard about making it, just getting all the stuff together was a bit of a pain.

For my first attempt i think it went pretty well.

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