Sunday, 6 January 2013

Pure Havoc

This is the kite ive ended up with. A freind got it for me from QLD kitepower and to the uninitiated it's a Gen 5 2011 Liquid Force Havoc.

Yes i realise that this is not a beginners kite but you can't look a gift horse in the mouth can you?

It is in really good condition but has one small repair patch just behind the leading edge in the center of it.
It has the CPR bar and its in good nick as well. There is some wear on the depower line  the center safety line and the pigtails that connect the lines to the kite need replacing. In all that will cost me about $50 all up.
All the bridles, pulleys etc are in very good condition.

I have had this kite for about 8 months now and hadnt really looked at it properly untill the last couple of months , once i knew my lessons were coming up. I didn't want to get all hyped up and want to try it prematurely.

Right now i think i have put it up and down about 8 times, unrolled the lines, untangled them and checked out the bar and line length in the local park tethered to a pole with me at the other end just to see if they are equal length.
Ive pulled the lines off the bar and figured out how to replace the depower and safety line. There was nothing on the net that i could find that showed me how to do this, had to figure it myself. It was a really good learning experience and i think i may even do a video on how to replace the lines once i get the new ones and post them on youtube.
Below is the type of bar and it's setup

I guess the kite takes about 5 minutes to pump up, no biggy there and to pack up takes a bit longer, practice makes perfect i guess.
When i do my next lesson in a couple of weeks the instructor told me to bring it along and we will use it, should be interesting.
I've got myself a new Mystic Aviator seat harness, it was really comfortable when i put it on at the shop and it's going to stay where it's meant to stay.

So that's it so far.

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