Sunday, 18 March 2012

Resin Colour Testing

Today i had a brainstorm, (oh oh) i looked at a site that had resin being coloured with other than resin pigment. They used acrylic paint.

Well i tried it and it was no good, sorta worked but not very good.
Here is the site i found.
Colour testing

Then i looked up and saw it "soft plastic lure colour". I make soft plastics and i used a colour that goes into the liquid plastic to dye it.

I made up a small batch of resin and put three drops in. It mixed in extremely well and coloured the resin great. Then i thought id try some green and pink fleck sparkles ( fine) again from lure making and guess what , great. The sparkles suspended in the resin and when set it came out like a sparkly gelcoat boat finish.

In the bottles i got there was about 80gms. I see on the net that 100gms cost about $19 Aus from within Aus.
The bottles i have cost $4.99 + postage  Colour
Glitter ( make sure you get the fine stuff) is $5.50 + postage Glitter

I have dealt with this company a bit and they are very helpful, its a family operation in Canberra.
I will be buying a bit of stuff for again i think

Ill put a pic up as soon as the camera is charged.


  1. Hi Peter,
    Great to see the experimenting continuing! Glitter!! Image glitter in the rails. That would look awesome!


  2. I will get the picture up of what it looks like in the next day or so and i will try to make a rail on a mock up during next week.
    It would look rather good in the rails as would a light amount of the glitter over the face of the board..