Sunday, 11 March 2012

KBV State Camps

We went to the KBV state championships  this weekend, it was a great setup they had there at St Kilda and if it had not have been for the poor wind conditions it would have been an amazing competition.

I guess around 15 to 20 knots for Saturday and a touch stronger Sunday. But i was great to have a look.


getting ready for a heat

gee the gulls get big around here

junior heat , age 11


The wind was a bit flukey , at one stage a 17mtr cab didn't like the lack of it and decided to molest a bus. This was just after they saved it. Just a bit earlier it touched up a light pole on the other side of the road.


re launch
 four person heat, it was in two groups

Was great to watch the stuff going on , the crowd got into it a few times and some pretty good jumps happened during this heat.

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